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Kia ora I'm Darren(Daz) I'm a Aussie living in Aotearoa. Moved over here in 2018 with my partner Kamira who is from New Zealand.  After travelling up and down this vibrant country with so many different landscapes and climate  changes we realised that some environments just aren't easy to go camping in the traditional tents, or even larger caravans thanks to uneven ground, extreme terrain and forested areas.  

So at Wild As Campers Aotearoa we have worked out agreements with industry leading companies to bring to Aotearoa the most innovative and practical means of travel, exploring and holidaying this beautiful country.

Our campers and hybrids can be customized to suit all your needs while you are out on the road in the bush on the beach or have stopped to just take in the vista.

So give us a call for more info on how I can help you get on the road with one of these campers.


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Wild as Campers aotearoa
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