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Get ready for the ultimate off-road adventure with the TF1 Road Camper Trailer! Built on the foundation of the Signature Camper Trailers Deluxe II, this tough and reliable camper has been upgraded to provide even more comfort and convenience. At Signature Camper Trailers, they are dedicated to helping you explore Aotearoa and  Australia's most iconic spots in style and comfort So why wait? Start planning your next adventure today with the TF1 Off Road Camper Trailer!

  From $ 47,500   


BE THE ENVY OF ANY OFF-GRID CAMP With Toytuf, Signature has taken their well kitted Signature Deluxe II and turned it up to 11 to really shake up the segment. With a passion for exploration, a desire to travel & a love for the outback they have co-developed and built a compact off-grid expedition trailer worthy of the Great Australian Outback & Aotearoa Terraine. From the ground up the key was strength, reliability & self sufficiency. Built using key Australian sourced components, including a custom Lovells Suspension Package, the Cruisemaster DO35 Hitch & Ark XO500 Jockey Wheel means the base starts strong. Installation of proven electronics from Enerdrive with plenty of lightweight lithium power & key inclusions from Maxtrax, Nespresso & Dometic means this Camper is unbeatable both on the tracks & at camp. With nationwide recognition as a 2023 Finalist for Camper Trailer of the Year only further cements how packed with value this camper really is!

Key Differences
Our team and Signature has a deep passion for camping and understands the demands of constructing an Off Road Camper Trailer. We prioritise Quality Inclusions and Components, exceeding those typically found on +$70k Expedition Trailers. Our Camper builds utilize high-quality components from Australian suppliers, including comprehensive Enerdrive Electrical Systems, 240v Site Kit/ 2000W AC Transfer Inverter & Cruisemaster Hitches. We offer different mounting systems to customize your dream Camper Trailer, starting with the base Deluxe II.

Note: All pricing INCLUDES Registration, WOF, COF (Electrical and Gas certification)

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